Wife in waiting.



She waits, looking all pretty,
Strangers give her odd looks.
She knows that the veil is heavy,
But she knows that so is love.



2 thoughts on “Wife in waiting.

  1. toocleverbyhalfs

    But why? Does she not know that while shes all dressed up to buy a body, shes selling her soul – shes pretty or not is not that important, what is, is that she came into the world alone(no her parents didnt bring her into it out of some high and noble reason but for a simple biological need to procreate! ah well some recreate too possibly), she would be all alone all the time with no exceptions whatsoever and one day she would go away …. all alone. Her wonder is herself, her wits, her spirits, her resolve, her weaknesses, her intellect to identify them, her acceptance to live with some of them and the ability to change a few others(which again is purely her wish) – this need for Plurality is a lie, it does not exist!!!! It is forced upon her and that is heavier than any of the weights that shes carrying.

    Just take a long look at her, is there anything that she cannot do given the mind – body – soul she was thrown on this planet with? It takes effort and its painful too, having said that, isnt doing it as a duet just as bad?

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