Favourite person


This friend of mine Jonathan says his girlfriend is his favourite person in the world.

The first time I read it on some post I just smiled. It is sweet. And if you know the two of them it is sweeter.

So the term “favourite person”, got stuck in my head and I realised it is probably the best thing one can say to / about a person. It is more than “I love you”, it does not carry the pressure but a feeling of being hugged and held, it makes you want to respond with a smile and not with a frown, it makes you feel special like it’s your birthday everyday. Sometimes, maybe we all need to lose that intensity and heaviness for a bit and just smile when we think about our favourite person. The childlike excitement seeing your favourite toy is what is nicer sometimes than the passion of a literary romance. Instead of stories of huge sacrifices for them it sounds like you have stories of carrying flowers and chocolates for them everyday. Though, I am pretty certain we will deliver on big sacrifices as well for our favourite person.

So you see favourite people, you have a lot going for you.