The Truth About The Saying


So when they say, “If you love something set it free, and if it comes back to you then it was meant to be yours……blah blah blah”. This saying works at 2 levels to my mind, one, it is a consolation and hope to keep your sanity intact in the present and the second, the bit they don’t say in the saying is that when you do let it go, you will after a period of hurt, pain and all of that discover yourself. And that discovery will be so exciting that you may not always miss what you let go off. In fact, it may even so happen that you think that it may as well that you let go of whatever or whoever it may have been.

People and dreams, when they don’t work out for us have a habit of bringing in self-doubt. This self-doubt can also be good as it may lead to introspection and recognizing the areas of improvement in self. And that is fine in the process. But self-doubt leading to low self esteem is never a good thing. The only trick is to rise above the self-deprecation and seeing the good things, the good things being the passion and honesty with which you had pursued the dream. Honesty, passion and love bring madness and goodness to the human heart and that is beyond comparison to having a rational mind or even the outcome of all the effort. One just needs to know we did the best, with all the honesty and goodness of the heart. And rest shall follow, or may not. So, I guess, let it go.