“You know, when one’s in love,’ I said, ‘and things go all wrong, one’s terribly unhappy and one thinks one won’t ever get over it. But you’ll be astounded to learn what the sea will do.’

What do you mean?’ she smiled.

Well, love isn’t a good sailor and it languishes on a sea voyage. You’ll be surprised when you have the Atlantic between you and Larry to find how slight the pang is that before you sailed seemed intolerable.”
― W. Somerset MaughamThe Razor’s Edge

I remember when I read this book many years ago I was so impressed by the above extract from the book and almost believed it. Below is my attempt at a new age long distance relationship and to say that love is a good sailor. 

When we are not near each other,

and I feel like telling you how much I love you.

I stop and think,

of how many love notes I can write to you.

Every day.

Then, I see something,

read something

and I know,

that is my love note.

Pictures of things that interest me,

articles which we would have spoken about,

links of drones and photographs that you would have spoken about,

poetry I would have read out to you,

and you would have said, “You know I don’t like poetry.”

But I would have read it out anyway.

So, these are my love notes.

The links of poetry, pictures and words

Connecting us, across the ocean.



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