There has been a series of stories one after the other about people having extra marital affairs or finding out about their spouse’s affairs through a third person, or meeting an ex’s current and going through a turmoil etc. etc.

So that got me thinking about relationships from the angle of the world of 2 people. When we get into a relationship, marriage, involvement there is a special-ness to it, at least in our minds. That special-ness comes from the fact that two people arouse a certain kind emotions in each other, and they know it is special because no one else has made them feel like this before. Those 2 people will have memories to look back upon, maybe of a life they created, maybe of holidays they took, of dinners they had, of naps they took, of movies they watched and then spoke about or just day to day talk or no talk, but clearly there is something about that space of those 2 people that seems air-tight, promising and it feels that no one can step into it and the 2 people are comforted in that space to think that this interaction, this glance, this warmth is only for me and cannot be replicated for someone else. But then to discover that no, that is not the case, that warmth, that love, caring and the act of making someone else feel special can be and has been replicated. And all of a sudden there is a 3rd person in that space, gently nudging you out. To discover that you are not in that space anymore from the 3rd person or any other medium is like a massive wave that has entered your apartment while you were having tea or reading a book in your comfort and it swallows you for the moment and you gulp and thrash around your hands frantically and then the wave leaves and you just stand there thinking, “What the fuck just happened!”, and you don’t really know where to begin for a long, long time.


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