For the Love of Life and Movies


While getting back home last evening after buying groceries, flowers, etc. etc. a very strange feeling mixed with thought came over me. I imagined the act of walking into my building, tapping the access card carrying groceries and flowers in both hands like a shot out of a movie. I thought that perhaps I am in a movie of my life I created and I am just going into the act at every given point in time.

The fact that a lot of art, be it novels, movies, music, words come from observing life the same way sometimes the act of reading those words, novels, seeing those movies, thinking those lyrics makes one play it out in life. And hence life can be the book that you loved or you become that character sub consciously. We may very well be manifesting the thoughts that we loved or a scene we appreciated, or living the joy or tragedy of a scene which has quietly tucked itself in a corner.

We are the victims of self-obsession to a large extent, and not that we want to be, but we are, it is natural. And that is what makes us think we want our life story to be unique, something worth sharing every time we meet someone new and worth being admired by the old ones and no we don’t think it consciously at all. Living in a script which is continuously evolving, we are directing that shot, we are making our own character jump with joy or immerse in melancholy. And sometimes when that realization that the life that you have created is out of a, or was in a or is a movie hits you, you better like that shot.


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