Being mad about


Love being mad about…….a song, a book, a writer, some words strung together, a place, a spot, that colour of the sky which is never the same, a person, a restaurant, a dish, yellow roses, poetry, a cup of tea, a glass of Chianti, the feeling after finishing a run, It’s so important to be crazy about one thing all the time. The thing keeps changing but craziness needs to be a constant as nothing stays, nothing lasts, but what remains is only the feeling. That feeling in the middle of the chest when I am mad about something, the one which is a sign of happiness and slight heaviness because I know it won’t last, either my love for the song, or the book, or the writer, or the spot, or the place, or the city, or the dish, or the person, or that colour of the evening sky, or the yellow roses, or the poem, but what will last will be the desire to feel like that again. And so I will never be stagnant. 


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